Brand DNA

Create NO.1 Early Childhood Education brand in china

Here is full of feelings and love. This is an story about the pea brothers and sisters learning about the world in the inner part of the forest. Through the educational characters, books, animation and other electronic learning column,children can learn 100 words commonly used in daily life from communicating and guiding。"Hello, Boobooto" series have been premiered in HeilongjiangTV children's channel in March ,2016.

Brand Idea
a360-degree、omnidirectional、Sustainable development early Childhood Education idea
Brand Story
Character Story

A young pea named Boobooto lives in a little pea village in the depths of the forest. He hasn't sprouted like his other brothers. Their world is full of novelties. They are busy getting to know the world every day. Boobooto likes to make friends,sometimes, he smileshappily, but sometimes, it makes him cry. He has fierce ideological struggles.

Boobooto has experienced many stories .Those that can help children to understand what is good and bad, right and wrong naturally , not to tell the children what is right and what is wrong. Boobooto makes friends with animals in the woods 、goes to school to learn, goes to travel with his brothers and sisters. They learn about the world from their experience. Boobooto will be a good boy who loves the world and is grateful to the world after a long walk.

Character Introduction
  • Boobooto

    The name implies the characteristics of Chinese characters. The first "bao" means to help, the second "bao" means progress,"dou" means the earth. Boobooto is a child who is willing to help friends all over the world and learn knowledge from that. The little pea hasn't sprouted. He wanted to grow the same strong stems and flowers as his father. No man is perfect, and he will also make mistakes , but he just wants to be happy and learn with his friends. He did as well as what he learned.

  • Booboochi

    Boobooto's oldest brother
    He is always reading a book.When he was reading, he often hits something or someone beacause he doesn’ t notice the way. He's very talented and he has a reasonable explanation for every question.He likes to be alone. However,he is Boobooto's good brother.

  • Booboossing

    Boobooto's second elder brother
    He travels by skating board. He is a cheerful, energetic boy. He's always playing with Boobooto. Though sometimes they have quarrels. He always says "I'm sorry" softly to Boobooto.

  • Booby

    She is Boobooto’s sister
    She can't speak or walk, andshe is very cute. Booby seems to have a strange gift. Sometimes, she will show some ability to make people believe that she is an extraordinary child.

Brand Positioning
  • Audience crowd : 1-6 years old preschool children
  • Characteristic:research the uniqueness of early philosophy of education . Understand human beings, perceptual nouns, natural, things, events and languages professionally and smoothly through cute cartoon characters, and open children’s early enlightenment learning.
  • Idea:aHelp children as they grow upto learn and complete the phase content that need to learn, need to know.
  • Target: 360 degree educational recycling system,To cultivate a new generation of children in China to develop in four directions: friendliness, independence, innovativeness, language.