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Cartoon Figure - Lucky
Character Story

Smith's good friend Dylan loves sailing adventure when he was young,Smith worried that he will be met with an accident in the trip, so he sent him Lucky. Lucky is a plush Monkey who has a clover face, meaning bring good fortune. Lucky became the most memorable sign of Dylan’s adventure, they sailed together, met the pirates and a hurricane, went to a uninhabited island...

Experiencing many miraculous events, they accompanied each other, Lucky’s good luck let Dylan get out of danger many times.Lucky was damaged in the last journey ,so Dylan took him back to England for Smith to be repaired.
Lucky met the warm personality Teddy. In the toy store ,they became friends with each other...

Character Introduction

Chinese name: Lucky Monkey

Sex: Male

Constellation: Sagittarius

Nationality: English

Character: Lucky can turn ill luck into goodluck when meeting all kinds of things. He is outgoing,optimistic and witty. He likes to play tricks on others and pretend to be cool.. He is humorous、 likes to make friends、hilarious、likes to be popular, be funnyand is full of curiosity.

Most attractive point: Clover face

Character shortcomings: noisy, naughty, like to be populart

Good friends: Teddy, Lucy, Angel

Favorite food: Banana

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite thing to do : sports, play drums, making people happy

Cartoon Figure - Lucy
Character Story

Lucy and ucky are hand sewed plush toys, by the toy store owner Mr. Smith, One year ago, on December 12.Other than hair, color, and gender they have the same height、shape、and weight.
Lucy and Lucky’s birth time is difference of 2 hours, Lucky is the older brother, Mr. Smith worried that Lucky would be lonely, so in the next 2 hours, he sewed Lucy to play together with Lucky. As the twin sister of Lucky, they can feel each other's situations. Although they are twins, they have a distinct personality.
Lucky is naughty, he has a special power, it is the ability to turndangerous situations into safer situations.Lucky is very daring for this ability. Lucky likes to play tricks on his little sister who was born two hours later. Lucy who has strong personality and is impatient, often teased helpless.She can only hit back at Llucky. Lucky is most afraid ofLucy crying. , He stops immediately once Lucy cries.
They are natural enemies and the most intimate friends and relatives to each other, if Lucy is not inLucky’s life, it becomes very boring.

Character Introduction

Chinese name : Lucy

Sex: Female

Constellation: Sagittarius

Nationality: English

Character: Lucy who loves fashion, has a strong personality, she is independent, is very active, and is smart.She looks doesn't care about anything but actually has a careful mind.

Most attractive point: clover face

Character shortcomings: : stubborn, impatient, sometimes a bit of violence

Good friends: Teddy, Lucky, Angel

Favorite food: bananas and cherrys

Favorite color: rose red

Favorite thing to do : sports, making up, taking pictures, eating food, fighting courage with lucky