Teddy’s Origin

In the fall of 1902, the twenty-sixth president of the United States Roosevelt Theodore hunting bears in the Mississippi River, but he has not been harvested. His aides worried that he would be disappointed, so tied a bear to a tree for his shooting , but it was rejected by President Roosevelt.Soon, the story was published by the Washington Post as a cartoon. A Russian couple in the United States ,who made handmade plush toys, got inspiration from this cartoon and made the cartoon bear into a plush bear, and named it Teddy with President Roosevelt's nickname. That did not expect the plush bear to actually get millions of people’s love from all over the world.

Over the past 100 years, teddy bear accompanied people through the four seasons, enshrined countless precious memories. As a symbol of people's good memories and a best gift conveys the emotional, thus Teddy Bear Collection brand came into being.

With the promotion and development of Teddy culture around the world, the theme of love and company is more and more respected. The busy rhythm of the modern city and the tend to be indifferent of human relationship let us realize that company is a desire that is too extravagant. Only teddy bear has nothing to do with indifference, it guards the true love, always quietly waiting there, accompanies us our whole life. A gently spoken "I m here", drives away loneliness and gives warmth. Teddy, the most selfless friend, the most loyal waiting.

Brand DNA
Cartoon Figure
Character Story

Teddy is a star in a toy store on London street, he is a curious doll, he is very interested in everything outside of the window. Teddy's father is an old man named Smith who is a craftsman, Teddy was made by his father.
Teddy is not for sale, his dad embroidered “I’m here” on his chest. In one hand, it represented that he belongs to the shop, on the other hand, people can get a sense of comfort when they saw the embroidery “I’m here”.

Once there was a lonely "God", he created an angel named “Angel” who owns happy emotion only. Nobody knows when, but God left the planet and left Angel alone. Angel is a little angel in shape of a teddy, but with different colors, different shapes, and different personalities.
In Andies planet, She has many fruits to eat, she has a good time every day.

One day Teddy and angel have a common ground, a lot of warm stories happened between them.

Character Introduction
  • Teddy(泰迪)

    Character:loyalty, kindness, waiting

    Shortcoming:honest but dull and inarticulate

    Hobby:being needed, reading, music, traveling


    Friends:Angel、Luck、 Annie


    Motto: I’m here

  • Angel(安琪儿)

    Character:happy, loving, independent

    Shortcoming: wayward

    Hobby: Eat dessert, look at flowers, to bring happiness to people with a magic wand, listen to music, dance, travel, and to play Peekab with teddy

    Demise: afraid of loneliness

    Friends: Teddy

    Birthplace: angel planet