SKYNET is the inaugurator for the brand licensing mode in China. SKYNET has created a whole new licensing mode by categories which is appropriate in China market, and SKYNET is the most professional brand licensing management company in China.

SKYNET was established in 2006,SKYNET has gathered the national and international hottest spots in entertainment, image of fashion parts and brand resources; SKYNET is also the only brand licensing management company in China who has ability and qualification to cooperate deeply with all various of top worldwide brands.

SKYNET created "Teddy Bear Collection "cartoon brand in 2014,Which was from an agent authorized company formal transformation for independent licensing company, SKYNET has “Teddy Bear Collection”、“Lucky Monkey ”、“ Boobooto”three cartoon brands. That authorized category cover apparel, accessories, home, stationary, toys, FMCG, electronics and many other excellent enterprises in various industries, and SKYNET has also created many successful stores in retail market.

Development History
· Completed the third round of financing, RongZhengincreased its Capital, AKco-invested, started-up the "new three board" listed plan.
· Teddy Bear Collection has developed 80 authorized dealers in 2015 , and its retail close to 500 million
· started-up new IP projects of Boobooto and lucky monkey in Q4, 2015
Officially determined Teddy and Angel's images , developed 40 authorized dealers one year, transformed into brand management company which has its own independent brands form a brand agency Company Implemented diversified development strategy;Set up a new business department,developed LBE licensing.
· Authorized agent in China of Ali and Bear Infested.
· Authorized agent in China of Italy Rainbow and America WWE.
· Took over the copyright of KoreaBoobooto and Teddy Bear Collection, had its own independent brands.
Completed the second round of financing and CMHJ Partnersco-invested, Hui Yan,Li He and A&K all increased their Capital.
The sole agency of 20th Century FOXs Commodity and Promotion Authority
Skynet lost the right agent and begun to try the international cooperation because the Pleasant Goat was acquired.
Got the total authorized of Disney's Kung Fu Dragon in China. Since then, got the Authorized agent of 20th Century FOX
Got the agency right of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
raised the income of royalty from 5 million yuan Rmb to more than 85 million yuan Rmb Within 15 months .
Completed the first round of VC financing, CMHJ Partnersand KoreaAT Ventures have jointly invested.
Skynet was set up
Our Ideas
Only when we clearly understand ::
  • which kind of consumer groups will buy this product
  • Which kind of retail terminal will it enter into and how it will be displayed.
  • The strategy and design concepts of licensed products.
  • What benefits will the product be produced and brought to brand owner censor and licensees.
SKYNET And then the licensing team of SKYNET will start this licensing project.
“ Sell through success is sell through heart ”